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Cat Jumps on Screen Door
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  • Dog Pushes Cat on Scooter

    Funny Dog Pushes Cat on Scooter

    Watch as this highly trained pooch pushes his favorite feline friend on the family scooter in this funny dog video. Now that's a dog trick!

    Views: 10,205 Category: Funny Dogs
  • Puppy Wipes Feet

    Cute Puppy Wipes Feet

    In this cute dog video, we see a dog with such good manners. After he comes in from outdoor playtime, he politely wipes his feet to make sure he does not track any dirt into the house!

    Views: 17,810 Category: Funny Dogs
  • Funny Sneezing Dog

    Funny Sneezing Dog

    In this funny dog video, watch as this canine cannot stop sneezing for the life of him!

    Views: 9,425 Category: Funny Dogs
  • Dog Uses Chair to Steal Food

    Dog Uses Chair to Steal Food

    A cleaver dog finds a way to steal food off the counter when his owner isn't looking.

    Views: 8,294 Category: Funny Dogs

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